The Versatile Monterey M Series

New England boaters demand a lot from their boats, and for good reason. This diverse region offers boaters a wealth of great boating activities and destinations. But Northeast boaters also need a vessel that is durable, can perform well in challenging conditions, and is designed to allow friends and family to enjoy themselves in comfort onboard.

That’s why Monterey’s M Series of boats is so popular among the region’s boaters. Few boats – if any – can match the versatility and quality of these vessels from Monterey.

Monterey has long had a reputation for building some of the most innovative, high-quality vessels in the industry. Sporty and fun, their M Series boats are not only sleek and powerful, but are also luxurious and spacious. 

Ranging in size from 20 to over 26 feet, these boats are ideal for a day on the water with friends or family. Their roomy design allows for plenty of comfortable seating. They also feature a generous amount of storage and amenities.

All 10 boats in the M Series are built to excel at a wide variety of boating activities, allowing boaters to enjoy the thrill of watersports on one day, then a cruising adventure the next, and then a day of just enjoying laughs and good times with friends while relaxing on the water.

To learn more about any of the boats in the Monterey M Series, contact us at Bass River Marina.

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