Striper Fishing on Cape Cod

Talk with anglers all over New England about exciting fishing, and one thing will keep popping up: striper fishing on Cape Cod.

Spring striper fishing on the Cape provides anglers with some of the most enjoyable, rewarding fishing of the year. Striped bass are one of the most popular game fish in New England, and each May – as water temperatures get warmer – these fish start migrating north, moving all around Cape Cod. As the move, they get hungry and feed voraciously, making them easier to catch than at other times of the year.

Your best bet when fishing for striped bass is to do so at dusk or dawn. You may even want to try fishing for them at night. These heat-sensitive fish can be lazy during mid-day when the sun is high. But, when the sun is low, they get much more active.

When you’re hunting stripers, keep an eye out for birds. As stripers chase baitfish to the surface, birds enjoy feeding on them. If you see birds, that’s a good sign there could be stripers underneath them. Also, since stripers are busy migrating at this time of year, you should be on the move, too, when searching for them. A hotspot one day can be cold the next.

The Cape has many great places for striper fishing. With good bottom structure, strong currents and plenty of baitfish, the waters off Monomoy Island and Chatham are consistent with stripers. Also, off Provincetown, the stretch of water from The Race to the Golf Balls are also popular striper spots.

Among the more reliable striper spots on the Cape are the Elizabeth Islands, which are known to hold big fish all season long. The Vineyard Sound side of the islands is especially productive thanks to the area’s big boulders and strong currents.

Another popular area is the south side of Martha’s Vineyard. A few productive places are Squibnocket, Devils Bridge and the Parkers.

Photo Courtesy of New England Boating