Hurricane Season is Here

Hurricane season is here and with the storm heading to the east coast now, we want to make sure all of our customers are aware of our Hurricane plans in the event a storm were to hit New England.

The following information outlines for you, the boaters, the Marina’s Plan in the event of a Hurricane or severe storm. It tells you what you can expect from the Marina, and also what the boaters can do to help secure their property. The Marina management believes communicating these important points prior to any storm/hurricane is essential.

Bass River Marina will monitor the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration weather station and/or internet weather reports. When an actual Hurricane warning is in effect for our region the Marina will be considered functioning under emergency operations.

With every customer’s and Marina staff’s health and safety being first priority during emergency operations or barring an ordered evacuation of Cape Cod by authorities, Marina staff will be on the premises and will make every attempt to help customers with their boats.

All customer boats need to be removed from the docks. Each dockage customer should have a plan on how they are going to remove their boat. The Marina cannot haul out every boat at short notice. The Marina office will compile a haul out list on a first come first serve basis taken by walk in or calling the Marina office at 508-394-8341. Dock customer’s must ask for a haul out, the Marina will not automatically haul the boat. The Marina will make every attempt to haul out all customers’ boats providing the weather conditions will allow safe equipment operations.

Customers need to secure their boats before haul out. It is highly recommended that customers take down canvas and any loose exterior components on the boat and secure them under decks or take them home. Customers will not be allowed on their boats in the Marina yard during emergency operations.

Emergency Haul Out Rates:

  1. Haul out, block and shore on land. $16.00 per foot
  2. Launch boat after storm. $ 9.00 per foot

Please call the Marina office for any questions or advice in regards to any recommendations in securing your boat in the event of a major storm.