Favorite Boating Movies for a Snowy Day

Though we’d rather be out on the water, it’s just not possible right now thanks to Mother Nature. Winter is the perfect time to kick back and watch a movie since you can’t be outside. And what’s better than a movie set out on the open ocean?

Relax with one of our favorites on the next snowy day and escape from the weather for a little while.

Finding Nemo –

This family-friendly film is entertaining for kids and adults alike. The story follows a clownfish from Australia’s Great Barrier Reef as he searches for his lost son. The animation beautifully shows life under the sea with all its colorful creatures and is sure to capture your little ones’ attention. The witty jokes and celebrities voicing the characters will be enough to keep your attention, too.

Jaws – 

No list of boating films would be complete without this classic! The thrilling tale of the quest for a killer shark, Jaws was filmed in Falmouth and on the Vineyard—so plenty of familiar spots pop up on the big screen. More than 40 years later, Jaws can still scare audiences. It also includes one of our all-time favorite lines: “You’re gonna need a bigger boat.”