Environmentally Friendly Boat Products

As boaters, sailors and leisure cruisers, we want to protect the ocean and all of the species within it. A small step that has a large impact in protecting our waters is to be sure you’re using environmentally friendly products when cleaning your boat or prepping it for the off-season. Use products that are chemical-free and biodegradable, and you will prevent harmful run-off from going into Bass River.

One of our favorite environmentally friendly cleaners is Slimy Grimy. This product effectively removes stains from hulls, vinyl and plastic upholstery and accessories, and wood decks. It’s free of phosphates—chemical compounds often found in fertilizers—and we sell it at BRM.

When winterizing your boat, it’s very important to use non-toxic antifreeze. Traditional antifreeze that’s used in cars contains ethylene glycol, which is harmful to people and animals. The team at BRM can safely handle all of your winterizing needs for your Yamaha or Mecury outboards, or if you’re doing it yourself, you can pick up nontoxic antifreeze at the Marina.

Even when your boat in on land, be aware of the products you’re using on your vessel. Chemicals can seep through the ground and harm the environment. Think green to help preserve the beauty of the Cape and our ocean.