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Boating Destinations from Bass River

Where can you go to from Bass River?

There’s nothing like being out on the water on a beautiful summer day. And while you never need a destination to enjoy the beauty of the Cape, it’s easy to get to a few great spots from BRM. 

Follins Pond

If you head out on the River in the opposite direction of Nantucket Sound, you’ll end up at Follins Pond: the origination of the Bass River. This kettle pond is a popular site for waterskiing, tubing and cruising around. Some people even believe that Follins Pond was visited by legendary Viking Leif Erikson, though that’s never been proven. Could Vikings actually have sailed down Bass River? Take a trip to Follins Pond and judge for yourself!

Boaters’ Beach

Near the mouth of Bass River, right before Nantucket Sound on the Yarmouth side, is a sandy spot known as Boaters’ Beach. A favorite place to anchor, relax and swim, Boaters’ Beach is well-protected from most strong winds and easy to get to go. Make a stop at Boaters’ Beach to take a dip on a hot day or enjoy a cooler full of food. Get there early on sunny days to ensure your space at this popular hangout. 

Egg Island, Lewis Bay

Tucked in near the mouth of Lewis Bay is Egg Island, a great place to anchor at low tide. Egg Island’s sheltered location makes it ideal for picnicking and swimming, and it is also works for overnight anchoring if you want to visit Hyannis Harbor. Take a leisurely ride around Lewis Bay to check out the many sailboats on the water and admire some beautiful homes on shore. 

Baxter’s Boathouse, Hyannis Harbor

Don’t feel like packing a lunch cooler for your day trip? That’s no problem if you motor over to Baxter’s Boathouse in Hyannis Harbor. Baxter’s is the only restaurant in the Harbor where you can dock your boat right at the restaurant. They offer family-friendly fare and a separate large bar for adults. The outdoor dining area is the perfect location to watch all the comings and goings of busy Hyannis Harbor. Use channel 71 to reach Baxter’s dock master and their staff will help you dock.