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“Gone Fishin'”: BRM Remembers First Time on the Water

Everybody has a nostalgic fishing story. Maybe you can remember the day as if it were yesterday—how the air felt, who you were with, where you went. Or maybe you’ve been fishing for so long that you forget that initial, monumental first day; and instead, you feel as if you were born knowing how to fish. Wes and Kevin, two of our employees, tell us their first fishing stories.

“The first time I went fishing was when I was four years old, on the dock on the other side of the Bass River Bridge,” Wes reminisces. “I cast a spinning rod, and it wasn’t too bad. I caught my first fish when I was five, but I wouldn’t pose for a picture with it because I didn’t reel it in myself. I finally reeled in my own fish when I was seven— I could finally take all the credit and pose for it myself.”   

“I can’t remember the very first time I went fishing,” Kevin says, “but I know my step-dad taught me how to rig the lines and brought me to different events. I used to compete in the Bass and Bluefish Tournament in Race Point in Provincetown, and when I was twelve I caught about a half a dozen keepers and won a penn reel and tackle box.”

What are your first fishing stories? Stop by and tell us your story!