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Best Fishing Spots on Bass River

The Bass River is one of the most quintessential and well-known spots to fish on Cape Cod. With so many opportunities to catch different types of fish, where are the best spots to go?

If you’re bringing your boat, then any spot on the river is perfect to spend the day fishing. You can try angling for striped bass, sea bass, bluefish and fluke off the jetties at the mouth of Bass River or on the pier at Wilbur Park. You can also shore cast off Smugglers or West Dennis Beach.

On the Yarmouth side of the Bass River Bridge, there’s a fishing pier just off Route 28 on your left (if you’re coming from Dennis).

For the best chance of landing your fish, fish on the downtide side of the bridge. That being said, there are many large stripers known to hang out under the bridge in the shadowline, but hooking up under the bridge against the tide will result in a lost fish. The barnacles on the bridge pilings will usually cut your line quickly.

One tip to keep in mind: Fishing directly off of the Bass River Bridge is now prohibited. 

For bait, use seaworms, squid, cut bait or sand eels. 

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